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Bearing Our Crosses One Step at a Time


Preached at St. Catherine of Sweden Parish on June 30, 2013 for the 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C at the 11:00AM and 6:00PM Masses, my last Masses before my new assignment at Holy Sepulcher Parish

With my wife Karen after Mass at St. Catherine of Sweden

With my wife Karen after Mass at St. Catherine of Sweden

How many of you know who Nik Wallenda is?  Nik was the star of the most watched show on cable last week, the Discovery Channel special Skywire Live.  For those of you that did not see it, a quick synopsis:  Nik journeyed from one side of the Grand Canyon to the other on live TV, not by the traditional two days and twenty miles of down and back up, but by crossing the 1,500 feet gorge by walking a quarter mile across a two-and-a-half inch cable, without any safety equipment, no tether, no nets, nothing!  It was just him in a shirt, a pair of jeans (an odd choice if you ask me), some wire-walking shoes (his mother made), a very large pole for balance, and a camera on his head that recorded his footsteps on the wire and the river below.  I was so nervous I could not even sit down: my heart was pounding, I was sweating, and my legs were shaking.  But I must admit that I was completely fascinated by the show and Nik’s journey across the Grand Canyon.  Continue reading

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