Grace Youth and Family Foundation Needs You!

Our volunteers are our life’s blood.

  1. Nighttime Volunteers – The most need is for volunteers to spend a night serving our homeless guests.  These volunteers come at 8:00pm and help prepare the food and set up.  They serve the guest dinner when they arrive at 8:30pm and have opportunity to interact with them.  Then they take them up to the third floor for the night and simply keep watch over them while watching a movie, knitting reading etc.  At 7:00am they take our guests back downstairs for breakfast and our guests leave at 8:00am.  Some volunteers stay awake and serve the whole 12 hours and some get relieved half way through and are able to sleep on our first floor.  We handle the paperwork to obtain clearances.


  1. Daytime Volunteers – In order to maintain a healthy environment we keep everything very clean and neat.  Cleaning everything with disinfectant cleaners (hospital style) and laundering the blankets, etc. is a constant daily routine.


  1. Home Volunteers – Some people are not able to come to our facility to stay and volunteer.  However many are willing to cook extra meals ahead of time and freeze them so that our guests have healthy nutritious meals that are easy for our other volunteers to heat and serve.  Others help us by purchasing things from the store whenever they shop and simply drop them off on the way by The Net Outreach.


  1. PPT Volunteers – Prayer and Personal Touch volunteers are vital.  GYFF desires all that we do as a ministry to honor God.  Our ultimate goal is to see people come to a personal faith in Jesus Christ.  Prayer warriors who commit to praying each day are greatly coveted.  We also have volunteers who simply come in during dinner and down time from 8:00pm to 9:30pm just to interact and talk with or play a board game etc. with our guests.  This provide great opportunities to build relationships and witness of God’s unconditional love.


  1. Group Volunteers – Bible study groups, women’s groups, college fraternity or sorority groups/clubs, church youth groups, families, etc., come and serve as a group doing heavier deep cleaning and other service projects that are needed.


  1. Financial Donors – Our budget Winter Relief Center Budget is $65,000.00.  This includes all of the purchase of needed resources, staff time, facility costs, etc.  Some people are able to give personally while others are able to approach their church or community group that is able to hold a fundraiser and make a donation.  All checks should be made payable to GYFF-WRCP and mailed to 100 center Avenue Butler PA 16001.  We are a 501C3 so all donations are tax deductible.  We are blessed by the fact that consistently 94% of all our funds received benefit the people we serve.


Hopefully this gives you some ideas of how you can help.  Please call Bill Halle with any questions and he will give you more specifics and details.  Thank you so much for your willingness to help in any way!


Bill Halle

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